Trinity & Personal Growth

4 part series by Tony Golsby-Smith

“We have narrowed Christian growth by framing it as a religious effort”

Tony opens up how the doctrine of the Trinity frames our whole role in creation. The creating God has mandated that we humans will continue his expansive work in creation. We can only do this, by sharing his nature, which equips us to be Trinitarian agents.This culminates in the rule of God.

Tony then suggests how this stupendous framework challenges the agenda for sin based Christianity. He declares that we need to reframe the agenda of the christian life away from religion towards co-creation.

Trinity and personal growth

Tony argues that we have narrowed Christian growth by framing it as a religious effort. He spends the first part of this talk, diagnosing the religious mindset and explaining how it distorts the gospel. But the question becomes, “Is there a better way to frame our growth journey?” Tony turns to the structure of the Trinity as the architecture for what makes us truly human and thus truly Christlike. He offers a simple but powerful Trinitarian model to guide our growth agenda – as a life agenda rather than a religious agenda.

Trinity thinking enlarges Gospel and growth – Normative 1

In this talk we look at the ‘normative’ aspect of Trinity thinking. Our learning goal is to have our minds transformed to God’s agenda rather than ours. We look at the typical evangelical interpretation of the gospel and reveal its shortcomings. Tony does that by synthesising the four spiritual laws onto a one page architecture which reveals its shortcomings. He then asks, “Is there a better way?” and finishes by offering an alternative framing of the gospel that blows open the scope of Christ’s achievement and lifts our thinking to awesome heights. A must listen talk!!

Design your world

In this talk, we look at the ‘situational’ aspect of our growth and calling. How do we act in this world? Christians through the ages have been torn between the ‘monk’ and the ‘merchant’ for their choices. We offer a paradigm shift by going back to Genesis and grounding our answer in the creational mandate. We link this mandate with kingship and then try to modernise that term by equating it with transformation and design. This is a groundbreaking topic, and we are only beginning the dialogue in this talk but I think it launches us on a healthy trajectory.

Existential growth

In this talk Tony looks at the existential aspect of Trinitarian growth – the inner journey. We get quite practical, and offer a structured meditation technique based on learning from experience not on confession and sin. Tony gives personal examples of the way he has used journal writing for many years to stimulate the inner journey. So many of our models for growth are based on defeating sin – but in this important talk we offer a new paradigm for inner growth that is not based on sin but grace and growth.