Knowing and Cosmology - 2022 Conference discussion event

Ron Winestock
Ethics Centre

This is the first of 3 discussion events that will attempt to generate some productive conversation following our 2022 Conference.

This first discussion will be led by Ron Winestock. He will talk on the subject "Knowing and Cosmology" for 30 minutes and then we will move into conversation.

Are we born into a random universe of mechanistic laws that is indifferent to a fortuitously evolved organic life form that inhabits a tiny insignificant planet in a vast cosmos? That’s the narrative of the modernist world in which we live. Or is the universe mysteriously designed and fine tuned to allow human beings to flourish and thrive, delivering meaning and purpose to the cosmos. These two opposed interpretations of the “Anthropic Principle” have bewildered scientists and Christians alike. Following on from Esther’s talks, Ron will argue that the universe is underpinned and infused with mystery and purpose, and that humanity is central to cosmology. He will also argue that Esther’s talks imply that when theology becomes like science, relying only on propositional statements, it looses that mystery and purpose, becoming a simple proposition of who is “In” and who is “Out”. Theology can then become an indifferent and aloof judge, rather than an inspiring blueprint for an eternal universe with humanity at its centre.

Seats to this event are limited. We will provide some refreshments before the event kicks off. There is a small registration to give us an idea of numbers and to cover some costs.

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