Welcome to 2017 and another year of Gospel Conversations

We are busy working out our schedule and themes for the year and will be sending out the agenda for the first part of the year early next week.  As most of you know, Rikk Watts is now working in Sydney at Alpha Crucis College, and he will be helping us with GC this year.  We look forward to that a lot. Meanwhile, we have posted one of our most important talks on the GC podcasts site so that more of you can listen – it is the ‘Creation Gospel’ talk that I gave as the final talk of my series on ‘Radical Humanism and the Gospel’.  It is important because I focus on the ‘postive’ in this talk – ie how can we package the gospel in better, more relevant terms for our post modern, secular world?  The slides that accompany the talk are available on the GC website.

Past Talks

Every month we hold an event and publish a podcast broadly concerned with what it means to follow Jesus today. Each speaker explores this through their specialised and diverse life experience.