God at Work

a series by Tony Golsby-Smith

Friday, Sept 30
7pm for a 7:30 start
Level 23/45 Clarence St Sydney

We will explore the territory of ‘Faith at Work’ – what is our role in the world of work and how does ‘Sunday’ relate to ‘Monday’?   The creation gospel certainly opens up a larger sandpit for us to explore and express God in, but the question is “How does this work?”  In our view, this is one of the vital questions for the church to face since it has invested in a narrow, clerical model of church that has not developed a broader sense of mission and skills for working Christians to serve in the wider world.

There are no packaged answers, so we view this as a ‘research’ horizon where we need to explore and inquire. To that end, Tony will open up with an introductory framework on Sept 30th“Stretching ‘Faith at work’ to ‘God at work’.



a series by Iain Provan

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