The Faith at Work Series

Tony Morgan describes how he found God in Insurance. For years he was stuck in a dual carriage pathway that separated his faith from his work, but then he discovered that ‘insurance’ was not just the context for expressing his faith – it was co-working with God and thus it was true worship. Insurance also brought him face to face with one of the most imponderable areas of God at work – ie areas of huge natural loss.


Tony interviews Mark Scott about his experience of leading large organisations as a ‘follower of Jesus’. Mark ran the Australian Broadcasting Commission (Australia’s equivalent of the BBC) and helped it transform into the digital era. He now leads the NSW Dept of Education. How does a believer lead such large ‘secular’ organisations? Mark talks with remarkable candour and authenticity about how his worldviews framed his leadership and how his inner journey is fed by his highly personal walk with Jesus.

Tony begins our Faith at Work series by stretching the scope from ‘Faith at work’ to ‘God at work’. This immediately opens up the topic beyond the normal approaches of evangelism and ethics, to the role and nature of faith in the public space – indeed to the broad question of the relationship between the individual and the state. He gives us a broad framework with which to think about this important area in a fresh and expansive way. faith at work

Past Talks

Every month we hold an event and publish a podcast broadly concerned with what it means to follow Jesus today. Each speaker explores this through their specialised and diverse life experience.