Does Resurrection open a new door to ‘Judgment’?

with Tony Golsby-Smith


Every month we hold an event and publish a podcast broadly concerned with what it means to follow Jesus today. Each speaker explores this through their specialised and diverse life experience.

Pleasure, Meaning and the Death of God
Pleasure, Meaning and the Death of GodSeptember 8, 2015Drawing on Nietzsche, Professor Volf will explore two pervasive and mutually reinforcing nihilisms of our time – our mRead More
Jesus and the Reverse Incarnation
Jesus and the Reverse IncarnationAugust 11, 2015In this talk Tony explores Hebrews 7-10 where Apollos brushes aside Moses' law as 'useless' and in its place paints an eRead More

Jesus & the Resurrection order of Melchizedek
Jesus & the Resurrection order of MelchizedekJune 29, 2015How has Jesus totally eclipsed the religious system of law and Moses with the 'system of the resurrection'?Read More

Resurrection Trumps Religion
Resurrection Trumps ReligionApril 30, 2015The Epistle to the Hebrews breaks new ground in the debate over religion and grace. In this talk we look at who wrote itRead More
Reading Genesis
Reading GenesisApril 7, 2015In her first talk, Sarah Golsby-Smith introduced us to the rich resources that a literary reading brings to the Bible. Read More

The Bible As Literature
The Bible As LiteratureMarch 25, 2015Dr Sarah Golsby-Smith takes us on a journey to discover the riches of reading the Bible using the toolkits and methods oRead More

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