God at Work

a series by Tony Golsby-Smith

Friday October 28th
7pm for a 7:30 start
Level 23/45 Clarence St Sydney

The Experience of Joseph in Egypt

Our last two talks for the year will be different and exciting. Tony will interview rather than give a talk because we believe that this topic requires exploration and discovery, and the best way to do that is to ‘research’ the experience of a Christian who has taken their faith into the world of ‘secular’ leadership.  This Friday Tony will interview Mark Scott about his experience of faith in the public space. Mark was until recently the CEO of the ABC, and he has just taken up the role of Director General of the NSW Department of Education where he has the responsibility for one of the largest workforces and budgets in Australia.  Tony and Mark have worked together over many years in different situations, so their discussion will be illuminating.’



a series by Iain Provan

Past Talks

Every month we hold an event and publish a podcast broadly concerned with what it means to follow Jesus today. Each speaker explores this through their specialised and diverse life experience.