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The story that
changes everything

Rikk Watts on speaking Mark


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The Open Heart

Edwin Judge in conversation
with Tony Golsby-Smith


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The Conclusion
of Tzimtzum

by Ron Winestock


Rikk Watts visit in July
Marks Gospel - The story that changes everything

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Rikk Watts on Mark

The story that changes everything This month we welcome Rikk Watts from Regent College, Canada to talk on Mark’s Gospel. In Gospel Conversations, we like to peel back the layers and get close to the core of what we believe. You can’t get closer to the core than Mark’s Gospel – the shortest and the […]


The Open Heart – How Jesus influenced what it means to be a human being

How Jesus influenced what means to be a human being Edwin Judge interviewed by Tony-Golsby-Smith This is the the 3rd climatic talk in the trilogy given to us by Professor Edwin Judge. In his first talk he began with a big picture of the cosmos, then he took it down a level to society in […]


Compulsory Freedom? The Gospel’s impact on society

Dr Tony Golsby-Smith Interviews Professor Edwin Judge on the history of the open society that we take for granted. Arguing that without understanding the origin of our freedom we are in danger of loosing it. Throughout the talk Edwin will refer to this list:

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