A monthly event and podcast exploring the richness of the gospel in a conversational forum.

Our aim has two strands to it.

Firstly what do we mean by the ‘richness’ of the gospel? Essentially we want to take God out of the religious box we put Him in, and position Him as Lord of Creation.  That means recovering a much bigger picture of God and his project than a merely ‘religious’ program whereby the Christians are rescued from the earth and escape to heaven. In a real sense there is no end to this exploration as we are pursuing what the great theologian Jonathan Edwards called ‘the infinite enlargement’.

Secondly we want to learn in a ‘conversational forum’.  This means that we take an inquisitive open approach structured by questions. We invite dialogue and discussion, as this is the best way to really learn and make sense of things. Tucked in behind this approach, we have a view of truth: we believe that God is revealing Himself dynamically and throughout history, rather than giving us a finite set of propositions encased in the Bible like an archive. Sure, God has set up the main principles of our faith in the events of Scripture, but we are writing the next chapter of the Bible in our 21st century lives, and that means we don’t have answers on a plate but need to actively explore and build our views.