Breakfast with Jesus

by Tony Golsby-Smith

"In the ancient Church, scripture was understood not as a collection of propositions to be memorized and affirmed, but as a text of many dimensions—narrative, moral, spiritual, mystical—each of them a revelation of God’s presence and beauty; and the reading of scripture was understood not simply as a process of gathering “information,” but as a contemplative practice of allowing oneself to be illumined by the Holy Spirit in the contemplation of all those different dimensions. Tony Golsby-Smith is here engaged in precisely that sort of reading, and the result is a journey through moments of profound—albeit limpid—spiritual awakening. This is a lovely model of prayerful exegesis."

– David Bentley Hart

When my wife turned fifty, I wanted to do something special; so I wrote fifty meditations for her. Each one is based on a Bible verse that has shaped my faith over the years. Each meditation ripples out from the verse into thoughts on life, theology, design and sometimes our life together.  Sometimes I added a sketch to capture the idea. David Hart describes these meditations as ‘a journey through moments of profound spiritual awakening.’

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