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March 2023 Livestream conversation: Cross and Creation

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March 10, 2023
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Tony Golsby-Smith

BWJ 14. Allegory; were the Patristics right or badly wrong?

Tony explores better ways of reading the Old Testament through the much-despised method of allegory
Andrew Baartz

The Cross and Creation - Part 1 - What are the questions?

The first conversation with Andrew Baartz on the topic of penal substitution
Tony Golsby-Smith

BWJ 13. Bad ways (and better ways) to read Jeremiah

Tony explores better ways of reading the Old Testament
Tony Golsby-Smith

BWJ 12. Jesus, Jeremiah and Gehenna

Tony explores the use of the word Gehenna in Jeremiah
Matt Clarke

Interview with Matt Clarke - Disrupting Mercy

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Tony Golsby-Smith

Love and the ‘angry God’ in Jeremiah

Does Jeremiah support the 'punishment as justice' paradigm?
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Tony Golsby-Smith

Jeremiah on the First-Fruits of His Harvest

The issue of inclusion and exclusion dogs the story of salvation. What did Jeremiah think
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