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Tony Golsby-Smith

Jesus as the two way door - BwJ 26

Our religious jargon around “Jesus” positions him as the entrance to a club or religious clique. How can we see ‘Jesus as the two way door that leads from a dark room into an expansive world of sunlight.

Breakfast with Jesus

Fifty meditations based on a Bible verse that has shaped my faith over the years. Each meditation ripples out from the verse into thoughts on life, theology, design and sometimes our life together.

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Tony Golsby-Smith
Letter to an agnostic friend about glory
We ranged in our conversation over these topics, and I thought it might be valuable for you if I just summarised from memory some of the points that I made, which I think you found interesting.
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Rikk E. Watts
On The Edge of the Millennium: Making Sense of Genesis 1
Interpreting Genesis 1 continues to be a controversial issue. In article Rikk Watts digs deeper beyond the simplistic literal v literary arguments revealing a rich, rewarding and useful picture.
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Tony Golsby-Smith
Love and the ‘angry God’ in Jeremiah
Does Jeremiah support the 'punishment as justice' paradigm?
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Tony Golsby-Smith
Jeremiah on the First-Fruits of His Harvest
The issue of inclusion and exclusion dogs the story of salvation. What did Jeremiah think
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