July 24-25 2020

The anatomy of knowledge

a weekend in conversation with Esther Meek

Latest Podcast
April 3, 2020
Tony Golsby-Smith

The Creation Gospel: Part 1. What and Why?

Do we need a new ‘Reformation’ to reshape the gospel for the 21st century? Some people think so. In this talk, Tony gives some shape to the ‘ creation gospel’ – as the shorthand term for these new approaches to the old story.
April 3, 2020
Rikk Watts

Design and Theology part 2 - Design as Character

Design is the art of choices – and every Design choice is informed by character not by rules. Rikk will argue that all of God’s actions reveal his character not a rule book – and the high point of his actions is the incarnation which climaxed with the dying and rising of Jesus
Doors and refreshments at 6:30pm, talk starts at 7:30pm
We are now accepting donations at the door to help us fund this event as well as continue to add and improve our resources


Legion House, Level 2/161 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000

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