July 24-25 2020

The anatomy of knowledge

a weekend in conversation with Ester Meek

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April 3, 2020
Rikk Watts

Design and Theology part 2 - Design as Character

Design is the art of choices – and every Design choice is informed by character not by rules. Rikk will argue that all of God’s actions reveal his character not a rule book – and the high point of his actions is the incarnation which climaxed with the dying and rising of Jesus
Doors and refreshments at 6:30pm, talk starts at 7:30pm
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Legion House, Level 2/161 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000

Talks for the first half of the year

Welcome to our exciting talks for 2020. We have a loose theme for the year: “Knowing God and Navigating Mystery.” Gospel Conversations has an ‘epistemology’ that underpins our approach: it is open and exploratory rather than tight and propositional. We like to say that the gospel gives us a deep core but wide boundaries…. That is why we think ‘design’ gives Christians a fresh approach to navigating this landscape of mystery. Designers create possibilities in conditions of uncertainty. And we can look to Genesis one for our mandate.

Mar 6th  
Rikk Watts
Design thinking as the new ‘theology’ - Part 1
Apr 17th  
Rikk Watts
Design thinking as the new ‘theology’ - Part 2
May 8th
Rikk Watts
Design thinking as the new ‘theology’ - Part 3
Jun 5th
Mark Ridgeway
Artificial Intelligence & being human