Faith in the Fog of Reality

Esther Meek
9am - 4pm
PLC Campus, Croydon, Sydney

Professor Esther Meek is a leading figure in the philosophy of knowledge – the field we call ‘epistemology’. As a young girl growing up in a Christian household, she was preoccupied with big questions which she thought it was sinful to ask: “How do I know that God exists?”  and even more fundamentally “How do I know that anything exists outside my mind?”

Her career led her to develop an answer to those questions with a philosophy that puts humanity back at the centre of all ‘knowledge’. In her work she was inspired by the great Hungarian scientist Michael Polanyi whose epic works (such as ‘Personal Knowledge’) humanised ‘science’. 

Esther is no ‘ivory tower’ philosopher. She is committed to making her ideas practical and accessible for ordinary people.  In fact, she says everybody is a ‘philosopher’ by virtue of being born a human being – we just lack the toolkits to think things through. 

Esther’s talks are vitally relevant to our search for meaning in a modern world that has lost its way to doubt and scepticism. They will be relevant for the full range of people from sceptics to Christians. She will give us all a much better toolkit to explain the gospel and faith to a modern generation that does not even think that faith is intellectually viable. And she will open the door for a more ‘Romantic’ theology that rather like Moses yearns to know God but realises that we cannot package Him up too neatly, yet we can know Him intimately. 

Esther will give two public presentations whilst in Sydney.

Thursday 11th August 7:30pm - at St Andrews Church, Roseville. Esther will address the topic "Faith in a Modern World - A toolkit for a pre-evangelism discussion"

She will be available afterwards for questions and a chate. Cost is $15. Please register your attendance using the link below

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Saturday 20th August 9am to 4pm - at PLC, Croydon

Esther will lead an exploration of the topic "Faith in the Fog of Reality".

Esther will be supported by two brilliant speakers who will look at ‘faith in the fog’ through different lenses.

Dr Sarah Golsby-Smith will take a literary lens and explain how the 19th Century Romantic era positioned humanity at the centre of knowing and reality – in opposition to the relentless materialism of the Industrial era. 

Mark Strom will take a Biblical lens and explain how faith, hope and love frame all true knowledge.

For more details and to register please use the link below.

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