February 2023 Livecast interview: Disrupting Mercy by Matt Clarke

Matt Clarke
Zoom live cast

We kick off our 2023 series next Friday (Feb 3rd) with a fascinating interview.

We are changing our strategy this year given the low attendances at our live Sydney events and will be delivering more of our events as a Zoom live stream event. This will hopefully allow people outside of Sydney to participate.

Tony Golsby-Smith will be interviewing a friend, Matt Clarke, on the subject of slavery in the 21st century – and how the normal Christian model of retribution and justice can get in the way of innovative solutions. Matt has worked in this field for years, and became frustrated at the short sighted interventions of many Not-for-profits in this space.  He has just written a great book, called ‘Disrupting Mercy’ about the topic which argues that we don’t just need a more holistic approach – we need a new paradigm of mercy.  

This interview will be a soft start to our upcoming series on ‘The cross and creation’ where we will be examining the pros and cons of the controversial doctrine of ‘penal substitution’.

If you wish to join the Zoom LiveStream then please email talk@gospelconversations.com.

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