May 2023 Livestream conversation: Cross and Creation

Andrew Baartz
Zoom Livestream

Tony and Andrew will continue their third session on ‘Cross and Creation’ on Friday May 12th.  

Last time they investigated the big concepts of ‘sin’ and ‘wrath’ with a view to expanding them beyond the narrow boundaries of a judicial metaphor. This time they will move onto the concept of ‘dominion’ as the calling of humanity in creation, and ‘lost dominion’ as the real problem that the cross confronts – not merely ‘sin’.

If you wish to join the LiveStream then please use the registration link below.

The LiveStream will be facilitated through Zoom with the limitation that questions will be limited to written requests via Zoom chat.
if you cannot make the Livestream event you will be able to listen/watch the interview on our usual podcast channels and website afterwards. It is expected to be available, late May.

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