Welcome to our exciting talks for 2020. We have a loose theme for the year: “Knowing God and Navigating Mystery.” Gospel Conversations has an ‘epistemology’ that underpins our approach: it is open and exploratory rather than tight and propositional. We like to say that the gospel gives us a deep core but wide boundaries…. That is why we think ‘design’ gives Christians a fresh approach to navigating this landscape of mystery. Designers create possibilities in conditions of uncertainty. And we can look to Genesis one for our mandate.


The offices of The Ethics Centre at Legion House

We start at 7:30pm but meet and mingle from 7pm. There are plenty of cafes nearby if you want to grab a bite to eat beforehand.

Talks for the first half of the year

Feb 14th
Christian ways of Knowing
Mar 6th  
Design thinking as the new ‘theology’ - Part 1
Apr 17th  
Design thinking as the new ‘theology’ - Part 2
May 8th
Design thinking as the new ‘theology’ - Part 3
Jun 5th
Mark Ridgeway
Artificial Intelligence & being human

Gospel Conversations conference

Next Event


Design and Theology

Rikk Watts

Welcome to the ‘Design and Theology’ series with Rikk Watts. Rikk will present this series with Tony Golsby-Smith in a live conversation format. For years Tony and Rikk have explored this topic together. In Gospel Conversations we advance ‘creation’ as the foundation of the good news - but this raises the question, “What is our role as ‘sub-creators’ in the creation?” The emerging field of ‘design thinking’ offers us a window onto the creative act - its qualities, skills and impacts. It is a paradigm shift from the analytic rationalism that has dominated both science and theology. In these talks Tony will provide the lens of ‘design and creativity’ and Rikk will take us to three major sections of the Scriptures to show us this ‘design’ thinking in practice. We will begin with Moses and the Tabernacle in our first session.