Coleridge famously defined imagination as the human mind's replication of the divine creation of the world. In this pyrotechnic talk, Sarah unfolds Coleridge's extraordinary grasp of human creativity - and how we mirror the divine - through his touching introspective poem 'Frost at Midnight'. This poem is both a theological tour de force, as well as one of the great pieces of literature on the creative dynamic. Sarah completes the picture with her dynamic and passionate delivery.

Ron's talk (42MINS) is a twin to Sarah's talk on the Imagination. Ron takes us through the extraordinary insights of quantum theory which has put the mind and the human being back at the centre of reality. He picks apart the brutish assumptions of materialism, and shows how it looks very much like the world of matter, and 'solidity' arranges itself in direct response to the human faculty of perception. This does indeed make people the masters of reality not cogs in the cosmic machine.

Ron Winestock
Ron is an unorthodox addition to the GC community because he inherits multiple perspectives which are rarely combined. His lineage is Jewish and he has maintained a consistent dialogue with—and interest in—that tradition. This gives him a special interest in the Jewish philosophy that underpins the Old Testament.
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Sarah Golsby-Smith
Sarah is a teacher, literary critic, and educational pioneer. She is currently Director of Teaching and Learning at a major Sydney school. Sarah brings literature to life and makes it shine light a light into everyday lives. She catches the undercurrents of meaning that lie beneath the surface of great texts—and she does the same with the texts of the bible.
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