In this series of three talks Tony introduces the theme of God as designer – which develops from the fundamental claim ofGenesis that God is the creator. ‘Design’ is a modern version of creativity and so sheds real light on the nature of God’s act of design and the nature of God’s action in the world.This theme contrasts with the typical ‘redemption’ perspective of God’s action in the world which is primarily a salvation, and forensic metaphor. Tony begins the talk by linking hope (or eschatology) and design, and then moves into the life of Moses as evidence of this design at work; Tony claims that Moses is one of the greatest social innovators of all time by any objective standards, and he then examines Deuteronomy, not as a template for law, but as the blue print for a new society.

Tony Golsby-Smith
Tony has been the original architect of Gospel Conversations—rather like the conductor of an orchestra—in which his role as the conductor is to attract musicians who are better than he is. In many ways, Gospel Conversations is a journey of exploration shared by Tony and his good friends.
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