Edwin’s ideas have influenced many significant scholars – and they are indeed revolutionary ideas. This is a series of three interviews between Tony Golsby-Smith and Edwin that trace how the ‘Jerusalem view’ challenged the entire edifice of Graeco-Roman thought and laid the foundations for the western world. Edwin explains how the Judeo-Christian worldview affected first the basic cosmology (view of reality) of the ancient world (Interview one), and then its view of society and the relation between the individual and the state (interview two) and finally the individual and ethics (interview three). Along the way Edwin debunks the stereotypes that position the Greeks as advocates of change and the Christians as conservatives – in fact he explains how the gospel made ‘change’ possible.

Edwin Judge
Edwin is one of world’s leading historians and was described by the then Chancellor of Macquarie University, Justice Michael Kirby, as ‘Edwin the Magnificent’. He founded the world leading Macquarie University Ancient History department, exploring the Graeco-Roman world's epic struggle with the ‘Jerusalem’ world.
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