Tony begins our Faith at Work series by stretching the scope from 'Faith at work' to 'God at work'. This immediately opens up the topic beyond the normal approaches of evangelism and ethics, to the role and nature of faith in the public space - indeed to the broad question of the relationship between the individual and the state. He gives us a broad framework with which to think about this important area in a fresh and expansive way.

Mark Scott
Mark has been a leader in several major Australian organisations. He was the CEO of the Australian Broadcasting Commission—one of the most important and politically sensitive jobs in Australia and was widely acclaimed for his acumen and thought leadership in the dynamic world of media and new technology.
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Tony Morgan
Tony has had a distinguished career in the complex world of insurance, and in particular loss assessing. Loss assessors have one of the most sophisticated jobs in the finance industry—they are the independent experts who assess the final payouts in large scale losses and thus the final liability of underwriters.
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Tony Golsby-Smith
Tony has been the original architect of Gospel Conversations—rather like the conductor of an orchestra—in which his role as the conductor is to attract musicians who are better than he is. In many ways, Gospel Conversations is a journey of exploration shared by Tony and his good friends.
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