Rikk E. Watts


Rikk was for many years Professor of New Testament at Regent College, Vancouver, and has recently moved back to Australia where he is a professor and researcher at Alphacrucis College. Rikk has an eclectic background—aeronautical engineering, arts, philosophy, and biblical studies—which illustrates how he thinks and what he offer the world; an expansive way of thinking that weaves many strands together into a magnificent tapestry of God’s landscape. He illuminates all of this with a great love for God and a passion for Jesus the Christ whom he sees as the centre of all reality.

A lot of us suspect these things, but Rikk’s electric mind and passion put our suspicions of Christ’s vastness into a biblical framework and a coherent picture. Over the last few years, Rikk has become convinced that ‘design’ offers us the ultimate paradigm to understand both the work of God in creation and our work with him. In fact, he believes that ‘design’ should eclipse‘ theology’ as the best way of naming the object of our study and engagement as believers in the world.

Whenever we listen to Rikk, I like to say we need to put our seatbelts on. It is intoxicating and high-speed explorations of our God that often challenge our norms but always seem to offer a bigger grasp of what God is doing.

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