Tony Morgan


Tony has had a distinguished career in the complex world of insurance, and in particular loss assessing. Loss assessors have one of the most sophisticated jobs in the finance industry—they are the independent experts who assess the final payouts in large scale losses and thus the final liability of underwriters. Tony is one of the most eminent loss assessors in the world. He was also the President of the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF).

But for years Tony lived in the split words of faith and work: both worlds intrigued him but they were not integrated.  He was a leader in both worlds—church and work, but they seemed to be separate kingdoms. Tony shares with us how he finally integrated these two worlds as both aspects of the Kingdom of God. It is a penetrating and rare opportunity to see how such a thought leader in something as ‘earthly’ and commercial as finance and loss assessing, could find God in such a place.

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