A key to faith in the post modern world

How can we be confident about what we know - especially in an age of scepticism? This is the question that John addresses in this compelling talk on the 'Need to Know'. You would think that Christians are on the back foot here because we rely on faith to know - but John turns the tables on the sceptics and proves that 'radical doubt' is everybody's lot in life. Strangely this leads to the only conclusion - 'radical faith' must match radical doubt. The Q and A session at the end is a treasure.

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John Stackhouse

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Tony Golsby-Smith

Five ways to reframe the gospel

In this final talk, I summarise five profound ways that the Exodus narrative reframes and stretches the traditional gospel of Penal Substitution.
Tony Golsby-Smith

Drama and the humble God

Here is the third talk in our journey through Exodus as an analogy of redemption. In this talk we explore Exodus through the lens of drama. Of course, the whole Bible is in essence a drama in that it is a narrative or story grounded in events rather than abstract ideas.
Tony Golsby-Smith

Salvation as re-creation

In this talk I present Exodus as a 'paradigm' through which we can look at the gospel in broader ways. In this talk I use literary features to the Exodus event - and how it is handled by the prophets much later in the OT.
Tony Golsby-Smith

The gospel according to Exodus

These talks explore difficulties in the traditional ‘Penal Substitution Model’ but in a sense they left us with a void – what can replace the Penal model. We look to the Exodus narrative for broader alternatives.
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