David Bentley Hart discusses Gregory of Nyssa - Part 2

Gregory and his Sister on the Resurrection of all Humanity

Welcome to the second conversation between David and Tony on Gregory of Nyssa.

How a woman’s mind framed the gospel around the resurrection.

In a sense that is the topic of David and Tony’s second conversation on Gregory of Nyssa.  In this chat they discuss Gregory’s epic “On the Soul and the Resurrection’ which is structured as a dialogue between Gregory and his influential sister Macrina. In this dialogue Macrina is the teacher and Gregory is the dull and doubting learner.  The context is poignant and personal as it is set in the immediate shadows of the death of their brother Basil, and in the imminent death of Macrina herself. Gregory is despondent in the face of this shadow of death. But Macrina leads him on a grand sweep from the beginning of all things in the mind of God to the end of all things in the ‘feast of the tabernacles’ when all mankind will be welcomed into the holy of holies. David explains why this is his favourite work on Gregory’s and how it builds an eschatological framework around the gospel unlike any others have since achieved.

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