How Descartes shrank our view of Humanity

Tony’s latest series of talks will position Ron’s talks on Mind and Matter in a biblical context.  Ron’s talks on mind over Matter have humanised creation and reintroduced mystery to nature.  In this talk Tony's asks, how does this apply to our theology of creation, of the relation between man and God, God and the natural world?  All of these questions come to a head in our view of the Incarnation – was it a ‘detour’ or was it actually necessary as defining the destiny of all  creation?  Was Iraneaus right when he said that the Incarnation was necessary even without sin?  This debate has been pivotal in the Christian tradition and has vast implications. Tony will overview some of the history of the debate, and then move to its implications for the Incarnation, and for the Incarnation’s implications for our topic of mind v matter. Ron will return for a final talk on quantum theory the month after Tony’s talk.

Tony Golsby-Smith

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