Humanising Faith

This talk finishes our study of Hebrews by fitting the famous chapter on Faith - chapter 11 - into the overall argument of the book. This humanises faith and takes it out of its religious connotations. We finish the talk with a grand architecture of the entire book as a massive chiastic structure. This structure helps up hold the entire argument in the palm of our hand - and it reinforces the epic superiority of Jesus to all of law and religion.

Tony Golsby-Smith

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Tony Golsby-Smith

The glory bookends of Ezekiel

Tony Golsby-Smith

Is penal substitution is an answer to the wrong question?

In this episode we explain how penal substitution is an answer to the wrong question and we develop a better question with which to frame the cross and salvation.
Andrew Baartz

The Cross and Creation - Part 7 - Which model fits best for what happened at Calvary?

The seventh conversation with Andrew Baartz on the topic of penal substitution
Tony Golsby-Smith

BWJ 21. Circle of Glory

Gregory of Nyssa's Circle of Glory
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