This set of four talks forms the foundation for lots of our thinking in the Gospel Conversations universe. It grounds the gospel in the epic account of creation in Genesis one, and the role of humanity in the creation project – as sub creators. We argue that the creation scope is bigger than the redemption scope as it takes us close the intentions of God in making ‘something out of nothing’. From this creation perspective, we then look at the patriarchs and in particular the calling of Abraham to bless the earth.  We see ‘blessing’ as a subset of rule, which acknowledges the constraints of sin and mortality within which we work. We finish with two talks on Moses and leadership – and we look at Moses through this lens of creation and constraints. We see Moses as the great implementer of the calling of Abraham, and as the greatest social innovator in history. (the talks on Moses are amplified in a later series by Tony called“God at Work: Moses as the Great Designer of Social Systems

Tony Golsby-Smith
Tony has been the original architect of Gospel Conversations—rather like the conductor of an orchestra—in which his role as the conductor is to attract musicians who are better than he is. In many ways, Gospel Conversations is a journey of exploration shared by Tony and his good friends.
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