Tony Golsby-Smith

Creation Story

from the series
The Creation Gospel

Most people live in a split world that divides their lives into a sacred part and a secular part. This worldview affects all religions and all people - even atheists have that same paradigm (they just reject it). This worldview puts God in a religious box, and cuts off large parts of our lives from His influence. We need a bigger God and a bigger worldview that will create a seamless world for us which is infused everywhere and equally with God's influence. To get there we need a bigger picture of creation which includes why an all sufficient God would create anything in the first place? We then need to ask what is humanity's role in that creative act? Are we just incidental or are we somehow central to the whole project of God? That is what this first module of the Holistic Gospel will cover. Hopefully it will excite you, rock your mind and build the platform for a new worldview.

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