Ron Winestock


Ron is an unorthodox addition to the GC community because he inherits multiple perspectives which are rarely combined. His lineage is Jewish and he has maintained a consistent dialogue with—and interest in—that tradition. This gives him a special interest in the Jewish philosophy that underpins the Old Testament. He is also deeply interested in western philosophy and continues his postgraduate research on the restoration of mystery and mind to the world of mechanics. He is particularly focused on the implications this holds for the over simplistic materialist view that has become the flagship of modern thinking. This has led him to also explore the modern philosophy of science, particularly the new horizons of the mystery revealed by Relativity and Quantum Theory.

Behind all this Ron is a businessman: his family pioneered the western world’s trade with communist China, and Ron ran that business for many years before turning to his real love—farming and today he runs a large farming enterprise.

Ron’s passion is hard won and his interest in philosophy is not casual. In his early life, he was a hardcore atheist and deeply committed to a reductionist view of the world—which led him to nihilism and a search for meaning. That search brought him to the gospel and gave him a new core belief system. His intellectual life since has been driven by inquiry into the wondrous logos of the universe unlocked in the God-man, and to critique the dead end of “scientism” that has gripped the modern age, and which caused him—and many others—so much darkness.

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