Genesis 1 and New Science

Ron confronts the question, "How well does Genesis 1 fit in with the new science?" Most people wonder whether Genesis fits with evolution, but Ron takes a far broader view, and compares the implications of Genesis with cosmology - the theory of relativity and the origins of the universe. He concludes that Genesis is surprisingly modern, although it does not try to be a science text book. Then he compares the whole secular and Greek view of reality with its great rival the Jewish tradition - a topic he will develop in his next talk.

Ron Winestock

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Tony Golsby-Smith

Salvation as re-creation - What is the gospel? part 2

In this talk I present Exodus as a 'paradigm' through which we can look at the gospel in broader ways. In this talk I use literary features to the Exodus event - and how it is handled by the prophets much later in the OT.
Tony Golsby-Smith

The gospel according to Exodus

Tony Golsby-Smith

What is glory?

In this talk I ask a question that might seem obvious but in fact is not – ‘What is glory?’ I confess that I never much asked this question for most of my early Christian life, so I just skated over the word and let it become a cliché.
Iain Provan

What is Creation? The old testament reloaded

In this talk Iain concludes his magnificent trilogy of talks positioning the vast Mosaic vision of God and reality in contrast to the prevailing Ancient Near Eastern worldviews.
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