Sarah Golsby-Smith


Sarah is a teacher, literary critic and educational pioneer. She is currently Director of Teaching and Learning at a major Sydney school. Sarah brings literature to life and makes it shine light a light into everyday lives. She catches the undercurrents of meaning that lie beneath the surface of great texts—and she does the same with the texts of the bible.

In her teaching practice, Sarah has made an art of teaching by inquiry and dialogue and has inspired many students with a love for literature and the humanities. She has a particular love and adeptness for the Romantic poets, and for their use of metaphor to explore the boundaries of perception. Her handling of Scripture is enriched by this literary expertise and sensitivity to context; as such she represents one of the finest trends in modern biblical studies—the new light that people trained in poetics and literature can shine on the text.

Sarah speaks with passion and fiery eloquence that brings text and literature to life.

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