Romanticism and Knowing

The 2022 Gospel Conversations conference has been considered a great success. This is the first talk to be released; an introductory talk by Dr Sarah Golsby-Smith on Romanticism and Knowing. As always Sarah’s talk is inspiring and offers a fresh look at theology through the lens of literature. In particular she argues that the Romantic era led the charge against ‘scientism’ in the 19th century and advocated ways of knowing that Esther argues are central to all real knowing. Sarah finishes with a wondrous unfolding of Coleridge’s epic poem on the imagination – ‘Frost at Midnight’

Sarah Golsby-Smith

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Iain Provan

What is Creation? The old testament reloaded

In this talk Iain concludes his magnificent trilogy of talks positioning the vast Mosaic vision of God and reality in contrast to the prevailing Ancient Near Eastern worldviews.
Iain Provan

Was Dawkins right about the angry God?

With his characteristic understated Scottish style, Iain brilliantly lays down the most basic foundation for our faith – the notion that God is not only eternal and sovereign but that he is fundamentally good and on our side.
Tony Golsby-Smith

BjW 24 - Ezekiel's wider vision of the temple

Tadionally we treat salvation as an individual event, but Ezekiel has a far wider scope. He sees the object of salvation is the whole cosmos not just individuals, and he sees the cosmos as the temple of God.
Iain Provan

How Moses disrupted the Ancient Near Eastern World - with Iain Provan

We have an amazing backlog of great talks from great speakers and thinkers going back over a decade. So we've decided to republish some of them to supplement our ongoing offerings. We're going to begin with some seminal talks by Ian Proven.
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