How Moses disrupted the Ancient Near Eastern World - with Iain Provan

Welcome to Gospel Conversations   We have an amazing backlog of great talks from great speakers and thinkers going back over a decade.  So we've decided to republish some of them to supplement our ongoing offerings.  We're going to begin with some seminal talks by Ian Proven.

Ian is one of the leading Old Testament scholars in the world. And he gave a wonderful series for us on Genesis in 2011. We want to start with a few of these talks because, as you know, we emphasize the creation gospel in Gospel Conversations.  And obviously that demands we have a deep insight into the Genesis story, the creation story that set up  the ground breaking paradigms of what became Christianity.

In this talk, Ian begins by explaining the ancient Near Eastern cosmology into which the book of Genesis came and which it challenged. By comparing and contrasting Moses view of God with ancient Near Eastern religions, he highlights some of the most fundamental paradigm shifts that belief in Yahweh gave to the world, and in so doing set up the foundations for our faith.

Iain Provan

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