What is Creation?

Having given us the OT view of God, Iain moves onto the Genesis view of creation. He builds a lot of his argument around Genesis 1 which sees creation as 'temple'. It means that matter is not a problem as it was for the ancient world, and escaping matter is not the goal. Our goal is to restore matter and the created order so that it can contain glory.

Iain Provan

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Tony Golsby-Smith

The glory bookends of Ezekiel

Tony Golsby-Smith

Is penal substitution is an answer to the wrong question?

In this episode we explain how penal substitution is an answer to the wrong question and we develop a better question with which to frame the cross and salvation.
Andrew Baartz

The Cross and Creation - Part 7 - Which model fits best for what happened at Calvary?

The seventh conversation with Andrew Baartz on the topic of penal substitution
Tony Golsby-Smith

BWJ 21. Circle of Glory

Gregory of Nyssa's Circle of Glory
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