BWJ 9. How the law of Moses failed to deliver what God wanted

Tony builds on his recent talk on the new covenant in Jeremiah by exploring how the Epistle of Hebrews uses this new covenant promise in the NT. Hebrews 8 quotes the Jeremiah passage in full – the longest OT quotation in the NT. What is interesting is how the writer uses the Jeremiah passage and takes it further by explaining how the contract based law of Moses failed to deliver what God wanted.

Tony Golsby-Smith

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Tony Golsby-Smith

BWJ 10. Jeremiah Buys a Field, part one - Eschatology

Tony explores Jeremiahs purchase of a field in extraordinary circumstances
Leisa Aitken

Leisa Aitken - Hope as a Way of Knowing

Mark Ridgeway

Mark Ridgeway - Knowing and Discipleship

Ron Winestock

Ron WInestock - Knowing and Cosmology

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