Knowledge as Faith, Hope and Love – not data & information

We are excited to welcome back to Gospel Conversations one of our old friends, Mark Strom. Mark has blessed all of us over the years with his unique grasp of big picture holistic thinking coupled with his easy accessible way of explaining all of that: in particular Mark has been a leader in taking the gospel out of its religious box and putting it into the whole framework of reality – particularly in his work on Paul where he argues that Paul was not just a great theologian but a great philosopher who changed the way the world thinks whether they are Christians or not.

In continuing our COVID style of Zoom interviews, we have arranged this series as a dialogue between Mark and Tony – not as a presentation. Our topic continues the broad theme of ‘knowledge’ which we have been pursuing. Mark gives us a big idea – that the famous description of ‘faith, hope and love’ in 1 Corinthians 13 are aspects of true knowing not merely moral qualities. With that fresh perspective he does two revolutionary things: for Christians, he gives us a new take on discipleship and for the wider world, he gives us a new take on knowledge.  

The first talk sets the scene for this big idea – as Mark and Tony explore some of the limitations of the way we modern people/Christians think about knowledge, and then the reasons why ‘knowledge’ is so central to God’s purposes for the whole of humanity, including Christians.

Mark Strom

Mark is one of our most popular speakers and for a good reason; he is a revolutionary thinker who combines deep theological insight with down to earth language. Thus he makes profound truths accessible for ordinary people like us.

Mark’s career exemplifies the ‘whole of life’ identity that characterises Gospel Conversations. He was a truck driver in early life, studied at Westminster Theological College, started a community church which was the fellowship highlight for many lives, then plunged into consulting to leaders and organisations with Tony Golsby-Smith for many years. Their conversations and experiences of finding God in the public space provided lots of the ideas and passions behind GC. Mark led a large liberal arts college in New Zealand before writing a great book on leadership, “The Arts of the Wise Leader” and returning to consulting.

Mark wrote an influential book on the thinking of Paul which developed the core idea of his doctoral thesis—that Paul reframed the modern world not just Christianity.

Tony Golsby-Smith

Habakkuk and Redemption: An Alternative Paradigm

Tony Golsby-Smith

First Fruits in Jeremiah

This is the first talk on our new ‘Breakfast with Jesus’ channel. In this very first talk Tony dwells on the significance of the phrase "firstfruits of his harvest" in Jeremiah.
Tony Golsby-Smith

Habakkuk - Hope in Dark Times

Tony takes us through the great minor prophet Habakkuk whom he calls the ‘Hamlet’ of the Old Testament. Habakkuk is like Hamlet, because the whole book, all three chapters, is an extended inner dialogue between the prophet and God.
Tony Golsby-Smith

Big Ideas in Little Pictures - Wholes before Parts

Exploring humanity’s mysterious ability to create wholes from parts and Gregory says about the mind of God in creating ex nihilo; that God created all humanity in one ‘man’.
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