Knowledge at Work: Practical stories of Faith, Hope and Love from the world of work and big change.

In this last talk, Mark and Tony discuss how ‘Faith, Hope and Love’ shape all wise human enterprise not just religious activity. They share stories from their long careers in corporate life and consulting, of how Faith, Hope and Love gave breakthrough perspectives on projects and problem solving. They argue that all humans share in an instinct and desire for Faith, Hope and Love so Christians don’t have a mortgage on these qualities. But we do have the gospel that confirms and anchors them, so we Christians can advocate and pursue them on behalf of everybody – and not just in church but in the wider fields of all human enterprise.

Mark Strom

Mark is one of our most popular speakers and for a good reason; he is a revolutionary thinker who combines deep theological insight with down to earth language. Thus he makes profound truths accessible for ordinary people like us.

Mark’s career exemplifies the ‘whole of life’ identity that characterises Gospel Conversations. He was a truck driver in early life, studied at Westminster Theological College, started a community church which was the fellowship highlight for many lives, then plunged into consulting to leaders and organisations with Tony Golsby-Smith for many years. Their conversations and experiences of finding God in the public space provided lots of the ideas and passions behind GC. Mark led a large liberal arts college in New Zealand before writing a great book on leadership, “The Arts of the Wise Leader” and returning to consulting.

Mark wrote an influential book on the thinking of Paul which developed the core idea of his doctoral thesis—that Paul reframed the modern world not just Christianity.

Tony Golsby-Smith

Big Ideas in Little Pictures - Wholes before Parts

Exploring humanity’s mysterious ability to create wholes from parts and Gregory says about the mind of God in creating ex nihilo; that God created all humanity in one ‘man’.
Tony Golsby-Smith

Big Ideas in Little Pictures - The End before the Beginning

Here is the first of our series of ‘Big Ideas in Little Pictures’. My aim was to take some of the more profound ideas in the talks with David Hart and package them in accessible sketches.
Tony Golsby-Smith

Big Ideas in Little Pictures - Introduction

This first talk introduces the framework for the following talks, and makes the case that we can use our human experience of creative thinking to understand – or begin to understand – the mystery of God’s act of creation ex nihilo
David Bentley Hart

David Bentley Hart discusses Gregory of Nyssa - Part 3

Our third talk with David Bentley Hart. The towering genius of Augustine casts a long and too often dark shadow over western Christianity.
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