Session One—9:30am: Parry's first talk: "Universal Salvation: A Whistle-Stop Introduction"

Session Two—11am: Parry's second talk: "Hermeneutics and Hell: Biblical Interpretation and Universal Salvation"

Session Three—1:30pm: Parry's third talk: "The Story of Salvation: A Narrative Theology of Hell"

Session Four—3pm: Q & A with Rev Dr Robin Parry


Session One—9:30am: Implications in three fields of human endeavour (three 15 min provocations)

• Rev Dr Robin Parry: Where is the debate of Hell going today and what are its consequences?
• Dr Tony Golsby-Smith: Does universal salvation liberate the Christian voice in the public space?
• Prof Paul Oslington (Dean of Business and Economics at Alphacrucis College): How does universal salvation shape economics?

Session Two—11am: Panel discussion on implications for Discipleship, Evangelism, Advocacy, and Social Critique

Session Three—1:30pm: Q & A with panel, including Robin Parry

Robin Parry
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Tony Golsby-Smith
Tony has been the original architect of Gospel Conversations—rather like the conductor of an orchestra—in which his role as the conductor is to attract musicians who are better than he is. In many ways, Gospel Conversations is a journey of exploration shared by Tony and his good friends.
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Paul Oslington
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