My journey into Christ's Cosmic Redemption

There are two ways to explain a controversial doctrine like ‘Cosmic Redemption’—logical and personal. In this talk, Tony takes the second approach. He explains how his spiritual journey of over fifty years led him to gradually change his mind. Importantly, this journey was largely a positive trajectory—in other words, as he framed the landscape of the creation story in more and more depth and colour, ‘hell’ fitted less and less. In particular, it did not fit in with grace, nor some of the epic passages of the Bible. But any journey like this is deeply personal so he opens up about his past as a child in Fiji, the role of his mother, and his life experiences of strategy consulting. His slow journey makes him empathise with how difficult it is for Christians to change their minds about things—but how precarious and lonely this culture of ‘conservatism’ can make the Christian experience feel.

Tony Golsby-Smith

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David Bentley Hart

Does God cause suffering?

This is the first talk from David Bentley Hart during his visit to Australia. He addresses the vexed topic of suffering based on his book ‘The Doors of the Sea’. This talk is followed by a long series of questions which take the topic – and David’s views – deeper and more personal.
Tony Golsby-Smith

BWJ 20. Ezekiel and the Ubiquitous God

The Ubiquitous God operating outside of the tidy religious confines
Tony Golsby-Smith

BWJ 19. Ezekiel and the Grand Inquisitor - part 2

Idolatry through the lens of Dostoievsky’s ‘Grand Inquisitor’
Andrew Baartz

The Cross and Creation - Part 5 - Anselm

The fifth conversation with Andrew Baartz on the topic of penal substitution
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