Tony Golsby-Smith

The Incarnation as the Destiny of humanity

This is the second talk on the incarnation in which Tony develops the expansive picture of how the incarnation defines and secures the ultimate destiny of humanity. This expansive vision only makes sense in a big picture of the cosmos so that is where Tony begins. He finishes with a summary of probably the most sophisticated framework of the incarnation that the church has developed - Irenaeus' theory of recapitulation.

Next Event

Quantum Theory: Logos vs Matter

Last month we explored the new mysteries that Relativity Theory has embedded in our concept of The Void. This month we explore the most mysterious development of the modern scientific revolution of the 20th Century, Quantum Theory, and its view on Matter.

Ron Winestock

7pm for a 7:30 start
Level 23/45 Clarence St, Sydney

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to take God out of the religious box

In a real sense there is no end to this exploration as we are pursuing what the great theologian Jonathan Edwards called ‘the infinite enlargement’.

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