Tony Golsby-Smith

My journey into Christ's Cosmic Redemption

How broad are God's plans? Tony shares his life story: from his childhood in Fiji to becoming a teacher and then, to everyone's surprise, a strategy consultant to some of Australia's largest corporations. He began to see God working everywhere and this led him to ultimately discover Christ's Cosmic Redemption—good news for the entire cosmos!

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Christian Ways of Knowing: where does Scripture fit?

Brad Jersak

Our 2020 theme is: "Knowing and Mystery: The gospel's offer of hope to a postmodern world." We have always been comfortable with ambiguity, so we thought this year it would be timely to make this explicit. We believe it is very important, especially now in today’s troubled world. The postmodern era has rejected the transcendent and found itself struggling to find meaning. The knee jerk reaction is to get back to fundamentals to find meaning, but it is not found there either. So all of our topics will have something to say about 'how we know as humans and believers.'

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to take God out of the religious box

In a real sense there is no end to this exploration as we are pursuing what the great theologian Jonathan Edwards called ‘the infinite enlargement’.

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