Tony Golsby-Smith

Big Ideas in Little Pictures - Introduction

Welcome to our first talk in the series ‘Big Ideas in Little Pictures’ where Tony unpacks the ‘big idea’ with a picture or schematic. This first talk introduces the framework for the following talks, and makes the case that we can use our human experience of creative thinking to understand – or begin to understand – the mystery of God’s act of creation ex nihilo. Hopefully they will open up a new vista for us of God and reality – the kind of vista that Gregory (among others) conceived. It is a vista that will move us beyond the time-bound, problem and solution thinking that lies behind lots of modern evangelical theology. 

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David Bentley Hart interview - Discussion on Part 2

David Bentley Hart

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to take God out of the religious box

In a real sense there is no end to this exploration as we are pursuing what the great theologian Jonathan Edwards called ‘the infinite enlargement’.

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