Robin Parry

Living in the Light of the Future: Universal Restoration and Practical Theology

Robin's final talk in our series explores perhaps the most significant question of all: "How does a belief in universal salvation influence my life and service in the world—including things like evangelism, counselling, and taking funerals?" Robin is a pastor as well as a theologian, and he brings a wealth of practical experience to this huge question. Does universal salvation mute the gospel and just make us melt into a kind of uncritical pantheism? Robin argues that universal salvation, far from muting our voice in the world, amplifies our voice, and the many ways through which we can bless the world.

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Hopkins & ‘Inscape’

Tony Golsby-Smith

Gerard Manley Hopkins only lived a short life and he never published a single poem during his lifetime. But this intense and brilliant Jesuit priest revolutionised forever how poetry was written and laid the foundations for the Bob Dylans of the twentieth century. He is arguably the greatest religious poet of all time, and yet some psychiatrists also believe that nobody wrote about depression with such penetrating insight as he did. He was a true manic genius. The theory of ‘inscape’ underpinned lots of his poetic philosophy and inspired such greats as Tolkien. In this talk Tony will open up the wondrous world of Hopkins for us—a wonder that began for Tony when he was still a teenager.

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